International Deaf Awareness Week

The last Sunday of September, we celebrate a community that inspires and empowers many. This is the deaf community. Sunday September 30th is International Deaf Awareness Day, and we want you to celebrate with us. There are small things you can do to show your support of this amazing community- for those  who don’t look at their “disability” as something to hold them back, but something to push them forward. One thing you can do is learning the abc’s in sign language! This would be a small effort that could make a big difference. Another thing you can do is spreading the word on social media! Here are a few things to remember for when you have a conversation:

  • Talk face to face, make eye contact.
  • Do not over emphasize your facial expressions or lip movements, this can make it harder to communicate.
  • Lastly, remember, no matter how loud you talk or yell, they still can’t hear you! So don’t start shouting in the middle of a supermarket!
We hope to see much respect for the deaf community across all platforms, and that you will help the Veazie Community School Civil Rights Team spread equality and positivity to all! - Emily


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